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Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Times have changed in the dance world.

As times have changed, style has changed. More is allowed. Dance style continues to evolve and transition from its traditional ways into its own fashion sense.

But nothing changes the process of finding the right ballet shoe for class. Going to the dance store or even looking online for dance shoes is not always the most exciting thing to do. Colors aren’t too hard to choose from. You want pink, white, black, or brown ballet shoes, the traditional colors, which is not that bad. Then you want to make the choice of what style fits best for your training.

For beginners, the best choice is a sturdy ballet shoe fit. For both girls and boys, you would start off with a leather styled single sole ballet shoe. White, pink, and/or black are usually the general selections in many dance institutions around the world.

As a dancer grows in training and technique, it will allow the dancer to transition into a different styled ballet shoe. Selection can still be choosy. A canvas styled split sole shoe is the most common style shoe selected. Colors may lesson to flesh tones styles and or black or white primarily for males.

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