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🍂It’s October… Let’s get these bodies in motion 🍁🍂🍂🍂🍁

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Yes ! Yes ! Yes !

We all should now be familiar with our Sunday morning stretches on IG LIVE.

Each and every Sunday we stretch for 30 mins to get our day started and get ourselves ahead of the week.

In addition, M.A.D.E would love to continue to offer substantial information on the best ways to stretch. Especially if you workout alot, are a dancer, a athlete, maybe recovering from an injury, want to get back into getting in shape, and more reasons just to name a few. This weekend is the beginning of October. We’re getting a head start of the new year by going GO HARD for these next 3 months.

LET‘S BE ACCOUNTABLE. And that’s what Sunday stretch is all about. SHOWING UP ! Not for anyone else but YOU. Whatever your reason is for doing what you are doing, place your mind body and heart into it. Your success is just one push away.

Below you will read the benefits of why stretching is important.

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