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Lights, Camera.... Who is your PR???

Before you hit that action button, how are being seen by your audience? Do you think you have all of your marketing stragies in order? It’s great that you have all of your ideas written down in that old torn-up notebook, scribbled with cute flowers and hearts, but what is your plan of execution?

I know your now thinking, who wants to read another blog artical about steps you need to take to publicize your business in a better light. Nope! I am not going to do that. This moment is moreso to take you on a trip down memory lane of how I grew to become “Your future publicist BJ”.

Nothing comes easy, but some things come naturally. Now, I went from graduating from college with an "idea' of what I thought I was going to do, but of course like most of us may know, plans don't always go in the order as to which your spirit may be guiding you.

I jumped into the corporate world head first, hoping that it would satisfy my business craving. Well, it did partially, it paid the bills. BUT, within all of that and then some, my heart always leads me directly to the dance floor. After my short break from dancing, I was soon welcomed with open arms to dance again with a great group of humbling souls.

By this time, my efforts in dance began to grow beyond the movement and the music. My mind became filled with excitement to share ideas that were building up inside of me. The start of it all began with a simple YouTube page only created for personal recorded rehearsals, which soon blossomed into taking those rehearsal videos and creating edits for public exposure. As time progressed, video edits turns into social media patterns and flyer designs for upcoming events.

Who would have thought that the outlet of what you love such as dance, has now evolved into a promising future of staying in tune with the performing arts world. Now as my journey continues, I want to share my thoughts and ideas, with the hopes that it may inspire another artists or soon to be a great opportunity to connect with the outside world and feel those better vibes.

Continue to read other blog posts and keep connected with M.A.D.E IMPRESSIONS. for the latest updates in the performance arts world....

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