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Black Is... Beautiful ! A Night of Elegance is a Night to Remember

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

It was such an honor to get a call saying “Hey BJ would you be available for an opportunity? I had you in mind”

But I never would have thought of how this moment would have evolved into such a magnificent night of elegance as it did. To see the beauty of BLACK fill the room; Black people shined bright through those black gowns and tuxedos.

This was my very first full experience of a Crystal Bailey Event. I‘ve heard, I‘ve seen, but never truely got the full experience. Well, I was pleasantly pleased with the outcome. With the direction of both Crystal Bailey and Lamar Covert. “Black Is“ took off without a hitch.


Make sure to check out Crystal Bailey‘s website if you are looking for a great way to plan, and style your next event.

The process in preparation of 12/1 was amazing. I got the chance to rekindle my connection with my favorite, lovable male dancer William Bridges, as well as dancer and owner of Bella’ Balllerina Dance Academy, Roneisha Smith-Davis.

Not to forget, Ms Jasmin Yahne (owner of Jasmin Yahne School of Dance) who completed our Trio within our BlackIs dance compilation. My first time meeting and dancing with Ms Jasmin Yahne was a most warm felt humbling experience. She is such a beautiful dancer and great spirited person.

We only had about 3 weeks to prepare. About 3 good, late night rehearsals, with the selected song of Lauryn Hill “Miseducation”. The vibe for Jasmin, Will, and I within our trio definitely brought an elegant, raw, soulful vibe, which went perfectly for the event.



Get a look at Blackis Dance Compilation. Dancers: Jasmin Yahne, William Bridges, Britney Janese, Roneisha Smith-Davis.

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