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Model Artists Determined to Evolve

M.A.D.E is a Brand Marketing Agency primarily based in Philadelphia.
A creative platform designed for
performing artists and business professionals to be
 inspired, encouraged, and developed within in a positive space of creativity.    

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M.A.D.E Impressions has successfully been evolving since 2014. As of January 10th, 2017 the official launch of the M.A.D.E Impressions online home became public. 

Opportunity to collaborate with performing artists allows M.A.D.E to help expose the raw talents of artists and business brands through the professional services of instructional training, networking events, production, as well as brand development and management.

  Our trusting relationships has allowed our work to connect artists and business professionals together, which has provided successful collaborative opportunities.


The goal is for this platform to fully engage our clients with personalized public relations advocacy, brand development, and marketing strategies that will meet the creative criteria of each artist and business professional individually.  ​

Let's Work Together

Let's Work Together

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Professionalism and excellent customer service is the number one guarantee that we offer to all clients and those that inquire. Services are designed to cater to each artist, brand, and/or business needs.   Our Brand Marketing Agency offers a full range of services that provide brand awareness, increase in clientele, business workflow and functionality, professional/brand development, and promotion.


Digital Graphic Design

Brand Marketing

Let's discuss and map out your goals.  M.A.D.E can help put a strategic plan in action. Each client with request of a project will need to have a consultation.   Pre-made digital products do not require a consultation. 

Creative and original digital designs can bring anyone's event, announcement, or launch attention to the public.

Let's get creative and bring your ideas to life.  Pre-made digital products are avaliable

Don't worry help is here.   M.A.D.E can be your team.  We can work with you on branding your new business.   If you already have business and want to revamp, M.A.D.E can help you with a new look to bring more attention to your business.

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