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Increase your followers.  Increase your likes.  Lets get all the attention placed on your brand with custom social media templates.    


Digital Design Only*


To Receive Your Template Design  A full payment is due at the time of purchase. Once payment is received you will receive a link.   Clicking on the link will take you to a free account on canva for your designing needs. 

Pink Bumble Social Media Template

  • All Graphic Design Services are non-refundable.   If you are uncertain of your graphic design choice, it is suggested to make a consulation appointment before making a design purchase.

  • All Canva template orders will receive an editable link once payment has been received. 

    A simple click of the link will guide you to Canva's site to view the purchased template. This version is free if you do not have a Canva account.       

    Editing features you can interchange:
    - The font size and style
    - Color theme of certain elements
    -  Make adjustment to each picture loaded.  RIGHT CLICK to delete the photo, not the frame.    Upload your own picture and drag it to the empty frame.   Once the picture is hovered over the frame, it will link and resize to fit the frame.   Easy!

    * Most graphic elments on each template will vary and cannot be changed.   If you wish for a more customized template to cater to your branding needs, please make a purchase of a  custom flyer design.   If you are still unsure, book a consulation with M.A.D.E and we will be happy to guide you through the process.* 

    If not, it is recommended to troubleshoot the issue by making contact via email to M.A.D.E.