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Where do we go from here?

What starts out as a beautiful day almost seems to be the trend for preparation of something big to transpire.

Sunday morning, beautiful day, clear skies. Everything seemed to be still. At the same time the energy carried as a joyous blessing.

Sunday was calm for me, despite the questionable week I had. I woke up well rested and feeling as though my spirit was ok. I reflected that energy through a smile that glowed brighter than the sun shining that day.

Not too long from my self reflecting moment, I was shaken up by more unsettling news that would add another layer to what I was trying to remove from my spirit.

I got that bad feeling. That uneasy feeling that settles in the pit of your stomach and your mind flutters with worry and confusion.

To hear or have a loved one removed from the space shared with loved ones is a great adjustment within itself. As human beings we learn to love, nurture, protect, and adapt. The lost of Kobe Bryant was a hard hit in yesterday’s news.

Even if you didn’t personally know him,you may have grown up through life watching the the impact that he made on the world.

We have lost some many greats. Loosing Kobe reminds many of us to continue love unconditionally, purse your dreams, and do the things that makes your heart beat. For tomorrow is not promised.

PIP to MAMBA 🐍🐐💜💛 The Legendary Kobe Bryant

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