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Teachers be like "5,6,7,8"

Whether your teacher is clapping hands, tapping feet, tapping with a stick, or making noise with their mouth, its all a 5,6,7,8....

As dance teachers, just like any school teacher, there always has to be preparation to get ready for your next class.

Ohhhh but not for me! I thought “who needs preperation?“ I thought it would be a walk in the park. Why wouldn’t it be! I’ve been dancing my entire life, and it’s only a hour class.... Before I got to my first class, I had a nice swaggy beyonce routine for these young girls. I WAS READY!!!

When I got to that class, just by my warm up , I could already tell that this class was not going to go as planned. My approach may have been best for advanced dancers, but not dancers that never took a dance class.

By the time I got to the choregraphy the counts were off, and the dance was way too fast for my students as their faces just dropped and eyes popes out with words “I can’t do that“.

Ok! Ok! So I had to slow my roll and take a few steps back to get a handle on breaking the steps down and pulling them apart. Step by Step....

I'm pretty sure I am not the only one that has been through this experience on the very first day of your first class.

As time progressed and more teaching opportunities were asked of me. My pattern of teaching became better managed with an itinerary that came with building my own syllabus, passing out folders, scheduling projects, teaching history, conditioning technique, and just having fun fun fun.

My creative spirit to teach and learn more on the art form of our bodies and movement is evolving more and more. I am so excited to share the next steps of my teaching process, and receive feedback and tips from other dance instructors/choreographers that are willing to share and connect. Stay tuned for more Teacher's Corner.

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