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Sewing up my daughters 1st pointe shoes...

Don’t let her see me all excited... So I guess from the pins and needles poking my fingers, I can still seem like a cool mom. This year even the our all of this pandemic we still managed to find our way back to the studio.

Now this time at the ballet bar, Fallyn has taken on pre-pointè. This will be her 7th season dancing.... so NO!!!!! I can not hide how excited I am about this new venture within Fallyn’s dance journey at Bella Ballerina Dance Academy.

Her 1st pair of pointe shoes! She was never able to get into mine, sad. These kids grow up so fast.

Helpful tips of how I made sure of the correct way to sew my daughters Pointe Shoes. click the link below ⬇️

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1 Comment

I'm a proud Grandmother watching my love muffin dancing! She ha really come into her own! Can't wait to see her progress this year!

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