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Quarantine 2020... The Attack of the COVID-19

Stuck!!!! For me its been 2 weeks now already. For most, it has been a full 6 days. We are all quarantined in the safety of our own homes. Refrained from the normal day to day routine. Now almost scared to walk out of our homes with fear of becoming unknowingly contaminated with the newly spread strain of COVID -19.

Leaving the house is one thing, but wondering what you may bring home with you from the outside is another worry that many of us have. Stay home! Wash your hands a thousand times. Don't Go to Work. Disinfect! Sanitize.... SHUT DOWN! NO more than 50 people in one space.. 25, 15, 10,0.... NO SOCIAL CONTACT FOR 15 DAYS

Well of course, this is all for the betterment of our nation.

I have to admit, this all has had me freaked out. The mass amount of media doesn't really put most of us at ease. It's worst that all of us are now out of work. It may be a continuing blessing for many of us having the capabilities to still continue to work from home, but many of those that run their own businesses, or work for pay on a day to day basis are suffering the most.

To beat this, we must work together. THIS IS ONLY TEMPORARY! But this is a serious matter that we as a nation are facing and must do all we can to get back to what we see as normal.

As business owners, and people of life and light, keep posted to the updates that CDC posts. Relying on one source will definitely help lessen the anxiety that this has given some of us. Move with precaution, and stay safe. We must protect one another so that we can continue to live healthy and strong lives.

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