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How Are You Feeling???

When someone asks you how are you feeling, what is your initial response?

I‘m ok. I’m good. I’m blessed...

To me those responses may reflect how a person may be physically; all well and good. However, our mental health is a separate entity.

Not a lot of us focus on our mental health. We don’t even give second thoughts on how we can gain clarity within ourselves. Every day it is the hustle and bustle; trying to keep up with the Joneses (whomever they are).


Made Impressions will be including generous ways to provide ideas, and resources for our community to take your own mental moments. Through the ways of performing arts, physical movement, self expression, health tips, and access local outreach programs.

Finding ways to help our community is

Made Impressions number 1 goal. Now expanding more into how we can gain a healthier life through both our physical and mental.

Click the ❤️ to Iike this post. Comment below with any information you can offer to our community as well. This is a sharing platform. Let’s Open up and Communicate!

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