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Happy Halloween!!!

I like Halloween. A time where you can play dress up and be an alter ego for one day... Fun !!!

But my oh my, year 2020 has been scary enough. Soooo are we over this?

My Daughter Fallyn as Umma from the Decendents 10/31/2019

This year has felt like the longest Halloween day ever!!! Isolated at home for 7 months, eating treats all day, and dressing up in masks just to go outside.

Shouldn’t we be over the idea to entertrain the theme of Halloween this year? You would think!!!!


October, we hold on to you dearly, as the air gets cold. We stand 6 ft apart and continue to wash our hands. Creatively, we continue to find joy in what still fills normal.

Cheers!!! To the last warm moments we have to enjoy the great outdoors during this pandemic hold...

Stay Healthy Keep Safe Continue to be M.A.D.E

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