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Growing within your business can become a bit overwhelming.

If you agree, then keep reading...

Now that you are years into building your brand and/or business. What you have now, is not what you may have imagined to have when you first started. Now you have schedules, bookings, invoices, payroll, advertising and marketing campaigns for your brand, and now you even have a team.

That’s all great!!! BUT does it seem to feel like just work and not your dream? Are you still holding onto those same aspirations and drive?


Sometimes within our growth, our mission can seem to run off course. And not with malice intent, it comes with the package of growth.

Innovation and adding to the demand of your business / brand is always needed. It’s what makes us thrive. It’s what keeps our clients and our supporters satisfied and eager to want more.

How can we stay on course?

• Read your mission statement. Does it still apply to what your doing today?

• Remind yourself. On days like a throwback Thursday you can intentionally revisit your beginning stages to remember how far you've come to get to where you are.

• Review what you have now verses when you started. What changes or updates have been included to enhance your business/brand. Do they still tie in with your mission?

... This may help spark that twinkle in your eye if you felt it dimming down. If you felt as tho the growth has become too much of what you didn’t expect. M.A.D.E just wants to help put your mind back into perspective so that you can thrive for many more years to come.

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Growth in general can be challenging, especially in business. Most of the time change isn’t comfortable. When everything starts to falls into place I feel relief.

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