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Bossy Moms, Brunch, and Wine

High heels, beat faces, and colored lips. This Sunday was specially dedicated to us “MOMS”.

Me and some of my closest friends walked into the room of XIV87 that was filled with good energy, and carried the scent of good food prepared by Kia Denise, along with desserts made by Cupcakes at Tiffany.

Women of color, in all shades gathered around, enjoying the company of one another amongst the beautiful ambiance created by Crystal Bailey, host and owner of Memoirs of Maverick Mom. Coming in as a group or as a single invited guest, the atmosphere was just so humbling to be apart of, and connect to make new acquaintances.

We shared stories, we laughed. We also encouraged one another by sharing life experiences of not just the good happenings in life, but the trying times that allowed each individual to prevail in their relationships, business, as well as self development.

I encourage anyone reading this to support our local businesses and events. Get out there and meet new people that may help inspire you to push yourself into a direction that you've always dreamed of.

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